tirsdag 4. mai 2010

Ny informasjon i Rinola-saken

Efterlysningen på KTK sine websider 30.sep 2008 har gitt positive resultater

KTK har fått inn en etterlysning etter en 1910 Alfred Mylne designet 15m som var eiet av Olav Ringdal i Oslo i 1954, bygget i Skottland, er det noen som kan hjelpe. Se forumet for mer informasjon.

Rinola, ex Tritonia, ex Jeano, ex Gerd II

Båten ser ut til å forsvinne ut av Lloyds sine arkiver etter 1956 ....
Hi David,
Hi Jan,

Rinola was sold from Olaf Ringdal to the German Shipyard Kieler Howaldtswerke in Kiell (now HDW) about 1956. My father was friend of Olaf Ringdal and general manager of Kieler Howaldtswerke (shipyards,Kiel, Germany) at that time.
She was named Fortuna 2 and my family sailed her for many years. She took part in the Kiel Week in several races. So far as I know, she was later sold to the Brazil Navy in the late seventies. I never heard of her since then. I don`t know if she still exists. If You like I can send You some photos of her "Kiel time".
I would like to hear from You! Please answer to the following Email:
Harald Westphal
Kiel, Germany

Med dette resultat

Hi Harald,

What a wonderful surprise to receive the news and information about your father's yacht Tritonia/Fortuna. I must thank Jan very much for putting us in contact.

I have recently made some progress with tracking down the yacht, and discovered she was used as a sail-training yacht by the Brazilian Navy 1978-1981. She was the first of three yachts to be named 'Cisne Branco' (White Swan). Last week I sent a letter to the Brazilian Navy to ask them for information about what happened to the yacht after 1981 - was she sold or was she decommissioned??

I have attached some information for you:
1) copy of an oil painting of her (racing as Jeano), sail No D-3, at Cowes circa 1912.
2) copy of an article about your father.
3) history of the yacht in Brazil (In Portuguese, with a very rough translation to English)

I would appreciate any photos you have of Fortuna while she was based in Kiel.

Warm regards and best wishes,

Husk at dere kan gjøre samme typer efterlyninger i KTK forumet